A reading desk in the VEC Archive

The Schwarzenbach Reading Room

The Schwarzenbach Reading Room is at the heart of the VEC Archive. Currently under construction, it will house about 3,000 books on Catholic history and serve as a dedicated space for research for up to four scholars, admitted by appointment. It will double up as a study area for seminarians and priests at the VEC, thereby ensuring that the link between Archive and VEC community continues to flourish. We are delighted to dedicate the room to Mr and Mrs Urs Schwarzenbach, friends and benefactors to the College for over ten years.

The Reading Room will be fully air-conditioned, allowing research to take place in an atmosphere which students will find comfortable, while also providing the right protection for the many papers and manuscripts contained in the Archive. Wi-Fi and low-intensity lighting will make for a world-class study experience.

We are very grateful to the Friends of the Venerabile and The Trustees of St Mary's Priory Fernham Residual Fund for helping to fund the Reading Room project.

The Schwarzenbach Reading Room opens in January 2019. Scholars are invited to write to the Archivist if they are interested in working in the Archive.


Photos: before the work begins in the reading room